Commercial Criminal Law

The law does not provide a definition of the term "commercial criminal law". It refers to all criminal regulations under this collective term which involve sanctions for specific actions in economic transactions. The criminal norms are found not only in the German Penal Code itself but in particular in various other laws, the so-called supplementary penal provisions outside the Penal Code.

We defend accused persons and represent injured persons as well as the companies concerned, in particular, in the following areas of commercial criminal law:

  • embezzlement
  • fraud
  • misappropriation
  • money laundering
  • tax evasion
  • corruption
  • subsidies fraud
  • investment fraud
  • criminal insider trading
  • disclosure of trade secrets
  • industrial espionage
  • criminal copyright violations
  • criminal patent violations
  • product and brand counterfeiting
  • cartel-related offenses
  • insolvency crimes
  • balance sheet manipulation
  • computer crimes
  • data protection crimes
  • medical accounting fraud