Compliance is a necessary part of risk management today and thus a fundamental component of a company's Corporate Governance.

Included in the laws to be complied with are, in particular, the criminal laws. These laws, if violated - also due to organisational fault of the management level - can result in severe consequences such as penalties in the form of fines and imprisonment, company fines, recovery of the infringer's profits, damage claims, entries in the public register (blacklisting) but also negative publicity.

Preventing conduct which is relevant according to criminal law is the minimum which every responsibly acting entrepreneur must guarantee. The aim is the protection of the company, the employees but also one's own certainty or, respectively, the protection of the company body members (Management Board, Supervisory Board, management, etc.).

It is important to take the necessary actions but however not to simultaneously allow the business to be drowned in a swamp of bureaucracy. A sense of proportion is necessary because overregulation itself can generate new criminal law risks.

Above all, this sense of proportion prerequisites experience. As a leading law firm practicing in commercial criminal law, we have developed this experience from criminal law company consultancy as well as support and representation of companies in criminal proceedings and we are happy to make this experience available to you. With our assistance, you can introduce criminal law Compliance in your company in a practice-oriented, efficient and individual manner and continually improve such.

In order to meet the different requirements, we have developed CoRP (ComplianceRiskProtection). Due to the modular structure of CoRP, you are in a position to structure your Compliance in a flexible, transparent and cost- effective manner. You profit from our basis modules developed over the years which we tailor to the individual requirements of your company. You can find details to modules, analysis, organisation, regulations, training, controls and reporting systems, here.