Dr. Matthias Brockhaus

Portrait: Dr. Matthias Brockhaus

Lawyer since 2005

Professional Background
  • Studied law at Freie Universität Berlin and at the universities of Potsdam, Vienna and Sydney (University of Sydney), legal clerkship in the Potsdam Regional Court
  • 2002 legal associate at the Australian German Lawyer Association (AGLA) in Sydney
  • 2003 to 2006 doctoral candidate and research associate at the chair for Criminal Law, Juvenile Criminal Law and Criminology at Universität Potsdam (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mitsch) PhD in 2006 on the subject "The criminal law dogmatism of preparation, attempt and withdrawal - a European
    comparison", awarded the 2006 Wolf-Rüdiger-Bub Prize of Universität Potsdam
    for promoting young lawyers
  • 2006 attorney in the law firm Wessing II Verjans, Düsseldorf
  • Since 2006 attorney in the law firm VBB Rechtsanwälte, Düsseldorf (partner since 2013)
  • Since 2010 additionally management Essen office
  • Teaching assignments for Economic Criminal Law at Hochschule Fresenius (Cologne) until 2012, GGS - German Graduate School of Management & Law, Heilbronn (2012) and University of Potsdam (2017)
  • Consultant for the German Academy of Lawyers and the College for Judges NRW
  • Western regional representative for Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. (WisteV)
  • Member of the judiciary committee of the Board of Trade Essen
  • Honorary Judge at the Lawyers' Court of the Düsseldorf Bar Association (from 11/2017)
Specialisation areas
  • Defence and (company) representation in all areas of economic and tax criminal law
  • Defence and consulting in criminal law relating to medicine, pharmaceuticals and drugs
  • representation and (preventive) consulting for companies in arrest and revocation proceedings
Languages German, English
Memberships Deutscher Anwaltverein e.V.
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Strafrecht des DAV
Strafverteidigervereinigung NRW e.V.
Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. (WISTEV)
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Medizinrecht des DAV
Deutsche Strafverteidiger e.V.